Meet Iris

Iris McCarty’s life was guided by predictability, ideals, and expectations, yet the world of jewelry was the true constant in her heart. When she left her hometown in Bronx, NY and moved to San Jose, CA over 12 years ago, there was no denying her calling; that’s when her jewelry industry journey began.

Collecting is part of Iris’s bloodline, and remains first and foremost in her career. A love and appreciation for curating treasures was instilled in her at an early age by both her grandmothers. She cherished their antique collections, and inherited several charmed pieces, including some beautiful Italian gold charms and bracelets.

Combing through the makeshift aisles of flea markets to find a piece of jewelry that catches her educated, scrupulous eye brings Iris a gratitude so substantial, it’s almost poetic. Whether it’s moments like these or exploring jewelry stores across the country, this is where she finds the thrill of her trade, and simultaneously feels at home. Follow Iris on trips around the globe, or find her opening a box of jewels sent to her doorstep for all treasures rare, vintage, antique, new, and totally memorable.